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How to thread the Makerfx 15 needle Barudan embroidery machine.

Page is a Work in Progress

Front View Barudan

  • Barudan BENT-ZQ-201U Embroidery Machine (Barry) has an upper and lower section for threading.

Upper Thread

Upper Thread Tensions

  • The upper section consists of the tension discs, tension wheels, thread posts, tension springs with main tension dials, and first thread guides.
  • The dial on the tension discs is rarely changed. Both the tension wheel and tension spring have channels where the thread lays into it.

Upper Thread Tensions Thread will be (badly) represented by a RED line on pictures to better show the path. Other pieces are expressed in blue.

  • The easy way to remember how to thread the upper section is to increase each part by one half.
  • The thread goes through the tension disc from the top to the bottom in 1/2 of a circle.
  • The thread goes through a full circle around the tension wheel. Exiting from the bottom.
  • The thread goes in a full circle around the tension spring and exits at the top so it can be pulled to the left and go into the spring opening.
    • Note: the final exit of the thread from the tension spring is at the bottom however, it must first be pulled all the way around and up the channel to be maneuvered into the spring properly.
  • The thread also weaves left, right, left, right, and left (shown in white and black "L" and "R" letters).
  • From the top it goes left of the discs, right of the wheel, left of the posts, right of the spring, and left to the guides.

Tension Disc Barudan

  • Hopefully, you can see here the very narrow channel that exists butted against the metal post between the discs. The thread must be brought in between the discs and this channel.
  • Grab a length of the thread between two hands and hold it vertically. Slide it in between the discs and the pull it to the right so that it presses firmly against the post. Lift the thread up so that it lifts the top disc and clears the channel. While still maintaining slight pressure against the post, bring the thread down until the discs are touching again.

Tension Disc Barudan

  • The end result should be that if you pull on the thread, from the top and bottom, to the left, it will not exit the discs because it is also in that channel.
  • If the thread pulls out from between the discs, it is not inside that channel. Also note, the thread is not going to the right around the main post.

Tension Wheel Barudan

  • Pull the thread to the right of the tension wheel and make a full circle around. Exit from the bottom.

Thread Posts Barudan

  • Pull the thread to the left of both thread posts.

Tension Spring Barudan

  • Pull the thread to the right and ensure that the thread is laying inside of the channel.

Tension Spring Barudan

  • Make one full circle around and exit at the top.

Tension Spring Barudan

  • Pull the thread to the left and into the "U" of the spring. Pulling the thread down now should cause a rebound where the thread bounces inside of the spring.

Thread Guide Barudan

  • Pull the thread to the left and through the guides. Two guides if the spring is on top and one guide if it is on bottom.

Lower Thread

Lower Thread Guide Barudan

  • Pull the thread through the first lower guide.

Lower Thread Guide Barudan

  • Pull the thread through the second guide by bringing it from the back to the front through the PINK eyelet.

Take Up Lever Barudan

  • Pull the thread up to the take-up lever and go right to left through the hole.

Lower Thread Guide Barudan

  • The thread now goes down through the guide slightly left and behind of the pink eyelet.

Lower Thread Guide Barudan

  • The holes for the last guide have a clamp. Underneath the last guide is a black screw that you have to pull towards you to open the hole and push the thread through. This picture is from the bottom to show where it is and what it looks like.

Lower Thread Guide Barudan

  • While pulling the black screw towards the front, feed the thread through the white eyelet. You want to have a long tail coming out, about 10 inches or more. Then release the black screw.
    • It is possible to get the thread through the white eyelet without pulling the black screw but it will be in the incorrect position. Sometimes, you can also put the thread through at the wrong angle even while properly opening the clamp.
  • It is important to check the thread before continuing on.
    • Pull your long tail of thread. It should be extremely taut. It should feel like pulling on it harder would break the thread.

Threading the Needle Barudan

  • Thread the eye of the needle from the front to the back and also through the large opening of the presser foot.
    • Cut the end of the thread to make sure it has a nice sharp and blunt edge for easier threading.
    • Make sure that the thread does not twist around the needle after threading. It should be a straight line from the clamp to the eye of the needle.

Threading the Guide Barudan

  • The final step is to put the thread in the last guide. This is easiest to do after the thread is through the needle.
  • There is a semicircle of metal above the needle (blue in the picture) that the thread needs to go behind. The opening is on the right and slightly behind.
  • Pull on the end of your tail to take up slack in the line and use tweezers to pull the thread around the right side of the guide.
    • Again, make sure that the thread has not twisted around the needle. (This is common.) The purpose of the final guide is to put the thread parallel to the front of the needle in a straight line.