Illustrator Keychain Name Tag

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Illustrator Keychain Name Tag.jpg

Follow these instructions in Illustrator to create a keychain name tag.

  • Make sure that the Pathfinder window is open / visible
  1. Text Tool (T)
  2. Click artboard and enter your name
  3. Click Selection Tool (V)
  4. Type -> Create Outlines
  5. Pathfinder menu -> Unite option
  6. Object menu -> Path -> Offset Path
  7. Select Joins = Round
  8. Click OK
  9. Pathfinder menu -> Unite option
  10. Appearance menu -> Stroke RED, No Fill
  11. Select Text
  12. Object menu -> Ungroup
  • At this point you should be able to move the outline independent of the text
  1. Ellipse Tool (L)
  2. Shift and click-drag out a small circle
  3. Click Selection Tool (V)
  4. Move circle to join the outline of the text
  5. Select both the circle and the text outline
  6. Pathfinder menu -> Unite option
  7. Shift and click-drag out a small circle - smaller than the first circle
  8. Click Selection Tool (V)
  9. Move second small circle to be in the center of the first circle
  • Get ready for vector cutting
  1. Select both red vectors
  2. Change the stroke to 0.001 inches
  3. CTRL-A to select everything
  4. Move to the top left corner of the artboard
  5. Follow standard CNC printing instructions