Maker FX X-Carve 1000mm CNC Router Instructions

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The use of the X-Carve CNC machine at MakerFX is limited to only those individuals who:

  1. Have attended a training class
  2. Been certified to use the machine
  3. Take the necessary safety precautions such as wearing close toed shoes, safety glasses and snug fitting clothing.

This machine can be dangerous if used improperly resulting in serious bodily injury or damage to the machine. Minors are prohibited from using the X-Carve CNC without the supervision of a trained and certified MakerFX member.


Operating the X-Carve requires both setting up the hardware and preparing your design files for the X-Carve. This page is divided into two main parts:

  • Preparing your Design
    • Design a file
    • Use VCarve to create GCode
  • Machine Setup
    • Powering up the machine
    • Load Material
    • Load Tool
    • Setup / Calibrate Machine
    • Final Checks
    • Start the Project

Preparing your Design

There are many different ways to get your design ready for carving on the X-Carve CNC. Some of the common tools that can be used for designing include:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • Fusion 360
  • VCarve
  • and more...

The goal of design prep is to take a drawing / design and convert it to machine readable commands called G-Code. This Wiki will show you how to open an existing VCarve file to prepare it for milling by creating the G-Code that will be used to control the CNC. For a brief overview of creating a very simple design using V-Carve, you can click here or view one of the several videos on YouTube on using VCarve.

Open VCarve

To get started:

  1. Open VCarve using the shortcut on the desktop
  • Open Model (*.xxx)

Select Tool

  • Existing Tool: Select tool
  • New Tool:

1. Measure Tool

Save Toolpath

  • EMC2 Arcs(inch} (*.ngc)

Machine Setup

Load Material

  • Use carpet tape (or other 2x-sided tape)

Load Tool

  • Unscrew Spindle
  • Load Tool
  • Lock Spindle
  • Hand tighten
  • Spindle Tool tighten
  • Put spindle tool away


  • Turn Spindle Off
  • Apply Safety Glasses
  • Turn Machine On
  • Hold down |Shift| to run as Admin
  • Open Joy-To-Key
  • Open CNC USB Controller
  • File->Import GCode

Zero Tool

  • Jog Tool to your material origin
  • Z down almost to material
  • Using paper, step down until paper hard to move
  • ->Machine->Offset->Current XY
  • ->Machine->Offset->Current Z
  • ->Machine->Zero XY
  • ->Machine->Zero Z

Final Check

  • Apply Safety Glasses
  • Install Dust Collection
  • Turn Dust Collector On
  • Turn Spindle On
  • Press START
  • Monitor part w ESTOP & Pause
  • Override Feed Rate if going too slow

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