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The Mouse Droid / MSE-6 Droid Racer is a scaled up version of the popular MSE-6 aka Mouse droid from Star Wars. The MSE-6E team is made up of mainly 501st legion members and thought it would be great for lulz to make a big mouse droid and race it.


  • Joe Gravelle
  • Ben Rigas


Take a full scale mouse droid, scale up 200%

Parts List / Bill of Materials

Below is our list of parts and materials used to build the race car.

Parts Needed

  • 24v to 12v converter (falls under moxie stuff, need 12v for horn ;) )
  • fuse box for 12v accessories
  • moxie stuff
  • seat
  • material for body
  • chain
  • DOT rated helmet modified to look like Death Star Gunner Helmet

Parts Acquired

  • Go Kart Tires
  • Go Kart split rims
  • 48v chevy volt battery module
  • Razor scooter
  • steel for frame
  • motor/speed controller/ thumb throttle
  • brakes
  • drive axel
  • rear hubs
  • front spindles
  • steering linkages

Build Log and Photos