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== Manuals / Endmills ==
#[[Forest RMF CNC Router]]
#[https://youtu.be/ayr-9W0lrL0?t=4m YouTube: Endmills and Collets Explained]
== Operation ==
== Operation ==
#[[Forest RMF CNC Router]]
#[[Forest_CNC_Startup | CNC Startup]]
#[https://youtu.be/ayr-9W0lrL0?t=4m YouTube: Endmills and Collets Explained]
#[[Forest_CNC_Job_Home | Set Job Home]]
#[[Forest_CNC_Shutdown | CNC Shutdown]]
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REMEMBER To Reserve Time!

Various tools such as the Epilog laser, 3D Printers, and X-Carve CNC need to be reserved before using the tool. Click here for the MakerFX Tool Reservation System.



This machine can be dangerous if used improperly resulting in serious bodily injury or damage to the machine. Minors are prohibited from using the Forest CNC or X-Carve CNC without the supervision of a trained and certified MakerFX member. The use of the Forest CNC and X-Carve CNC machines at MakerFX is limited to only those individuals who:

  1. Have attended a training class
  2. Been certified to use the machine
  3. Take the necessary safety precautions such as wearing close toed shoes, safety glasses and snug fitting clothing.


CNC Users must purchase and use their own tooling. Refer to step #3 below for an explanation of what tooling is required and links to recommended items.

CNC Terminology: View this page to learn key terms used when learning and working with the CNC router

Step 1: Designing

Using VCarve Pro

Step 2: Toolpathing

Preparing Design for Machining

Step 3: Machining

Operating the CNC

Step 4: Finishing

Forest RMF CNC Router.jpg
CNC Finishing.jpg

Project Ideas

CNC Project Ideas

VCarve Pro Beginners Start Here

  1. CNC Terminology
  2. Install VCarve Pro - FREE for MakerFX Members
  3. What is a vector?
  4. 2D vs 2.5D vs 3D Carving Explained
  5. VCarve Pro Job Setup
  6. Example sign and toolpaths?
  7. Bits and End Mills for Beginners
  8. Inventables: Bits 101
  9. MakerFX How-to: V-Carve Tutorial
  10. Resizing and Copying Objects

Vectric Tutorials

  1. Text Creation Guide
  2. VCarve Toolpath Guide
  3. Pocket Toolpath Guide
  4. Chamfer Toolpath Guide
  5. Moulding Toolpath Guide
  6. Dimensioning Quick Guide

Importing Designs

  1. Importing CRV Files - VCarve Pro files
  2. Importing STL Files
  3. Importing DXF Files
  4. Importing Bitmap Files

Intermediate VCarve Pro

  1. Gadget library - make designing easier
  2. Basic Text Project

Advanced VCarve Pro

  1. Intro to 3D Carving
  2. 3D Carving Workflow with Tool Change
  3. V-Carve Inlay Technique
  4. Heart Shaped Box
  5. Cribbage Board

Feeds & Speeds

  1. Winston Moy: Feeds & Speeds Overview
  2. Winston Moy: MDF Feeds & Speeds

Router Bits (aka Endmills)

  • Below are links to some getting started bits
  • Starter Kits
  1. Whitside 1/4", Router Bit Starter Kit, 5-piece
  2. Amana Tool Starter Kit, 8-piece
  • Individual Bits
  1. Whiteside 1/4", 2 Flute, Down Cut Spiral Bit (RD2100)
  2. Whitside 1/4", 2 Flute, Up Cut Spiral Bit (RU2100)
  3. Whiteside 1/4" Up/Down Compression (UD2100)
  4. Whiteside 1/4", V-Groove 60-Degree Router Bit

Manuals / Endmills

  1. Forest RMF CNC Router
  2. YouTube: Endmills and Collets Explained


  1. CNC Startup
  2. Set Job Home
  3. CNC Shutdown


  1. Painting using vinyl mask
  2. Indian Motorcycle Sign
  3. Personalized Garage Sign

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