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[https://www.amazon.com/Scroll-Saw-Blades-Plain-End/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A552340%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_browse-bin%3A5494596011 5" Plain End Scroll Saw Blades]
[https://www.amazon.com/Scroll-Saw-Blades-Plain-End/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A552340%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_browse-bin%3A5494596011 5" Plain End Scroll Saw Blades]
=Routine Maintenance=
[[Dewalt 20 inch Scroll Saw Routine Maintenance|Routine Maintenance]]
[[Dewalt 20 inch Scroll Saw Maintenance Log|Maintenance Log]]
[[Dewalt 20 inch Scroll Saw Maintenance Log|Maintenance Log]]
To lube the tension lever, you will need to remove the 4 screws that hold the black control cover and then remove the screw that holds the tension lever down. Grease can be placed on the bottom side of the lever. The DW788 uses sealed bearings that do not require additional lubrication. Use a good quality paste wax to buff the table in order to prevent rust.
This scroll saw is equipped with a 3 amp overload protection fuse. If it becomes overloaded and stops operating, turn off the scroll saw, check for a blown fuse by removing the fuse cap. This scroll saw uses #3AG Fast Acting fuse, 11/4"long x 1/4" diameter.
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[[Main_Page|Go to The Main Page]]
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[[Report_Dead_Links_Here|Report Dead Links]]

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Location: Wood Zone

Dewalt 20" Scroll Saw

The Dewalt DW788 20" Variable-Speed Scroll Saw operates quietly and smoothly for accuracy. The tool-free blade clamp allows for quick and easy blade changes. Convenient placement on the liftable arm of the dust blower, power switch, and saw adjustments on the front of the upper arm provide for easy adjustment. Oversized, cast-iron table provides excellent material support and has the ability to bevel to both the left and right. Use only 5" plain end scroll saw blades. Pin end scroll saw blades cannot be used with the DW788. This saw has a maximum thickness capacity of 2" and a stroke Length of 3/4"

Policies for the Dewalt 20" Scroll Saw

To prevent rust never set cold drinks, sweaty body parts or anything wet on the machined table surface.


Dewalt 20" Scroll Saw Manual

Scroll Saw Blade Selection Chart

Speed Setting  Strokes Per Minute
    0                 400 
    1                 600 
    2                 800 
    3                 950 
    4                1100 
    5                1300 
    6                1450 
    7                1600 
    8                1750
Slower speeds are recommended for metals, plastics, harder woods and very thin materials.

The table of the scroll saw bevels 45°left and right. A detent is set at 0°. To bevel the scroll saw table, loosen the bevel lock knob, and bevel the table to the desired setting, indicated by the bevel pointer. NOTE: Before tilting the table for bevel cuts of 45˚, check the clearance around the lower thumbscrew. To facilitate an accurate 45˚ cut the thumbscrew and setscrew may need to change places. On the setscrew side, sufficient clearance is available.


Scroll Saw setup


Work Light


5" Plain End Scroll Saw Blades


Routine Maintenance

Maintenance Log

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