Downloading and installing instructions for V-Carve Makerspace Edition

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The VCarve Makerspace Edition will only work with the MakerFX CNC routers: X-Carve and Forest RMF.

Help/About menu

Go to the VCarve download page and click on the green VCarve Pro Download Trial Software button. Follow the instruction for installing the software.

VCarve Pro only supports Windows operating systems. So if you are a Mac user you will need to run Windows as a VM to use this software on a personal device.

Start VCarve Pro. Select Help -> About VCarve Pro -> Enter Makerspace ID.

The MakerFX makerspace ID is 5BDD9-50708-F5791-20154-7E971-8FDCE-DAD79. Highlight and copy this ID to the clipboard. Ctrl-V to paste the ID into the dialog box.

Restart VCarve Pro. Confirm you are using the Makerspace license by checking the Help About menu.