Epilog Legend 36EXT 50 Watt Laser Engraver

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Location: Laser Zone

Epilog Legend 36EXT 50 watt Laser Engraver
Point Of Contact @JStutz on Slack or by e-mail at james_stutz@hotmail.com

MakerFX is home to a professional-class Epilog Legend 36EXT 50 watt laser engraver, which engraves and cuts acrylic, wood, paper, and much more. We also have the rotary tool which is great for engraving glasses or stainless steel tumblers. MakerFX membership provides training and use of the laser for prototyping and creative projects.

Want to learn more about laser engraving and cutting, or get started making your own items on the laser? Visit MakerFX for a Friday OpenMake night (info and RSVP on meetup), or email us for more information.

Sample items we’ve made with the Epilog laser

Laser-engraved keychains
Cake topper made from two layers of acrylic from hand-drawn art
Mother’s day present made with scrap red acrylic
Fidget spinner made with the laser
Fidget spinner cut on the Epilog Laser
Engraving and cutting keychains

And in case you were curious, makers don’t refer to these devices as “3D laser printers” – that’s just smart marketing for a specific company that hasn’t shipped product yet. 🙁

Policies for the Epilog Legend 36EXT 50 watt Laser Engraver

Minors can only operate the laser under MakerFX member adult supervision.






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