Grizzly G0555LA35 14" 1 HP Band Saw

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Location: Wood Zone

Point Of Contact @joe.gravelle on Slack

General Policies for the Bandsaw

{Box-round|title=NOTICE!| This tool is only for cutting wood and certain types of plastics, no metal ever. We have a metal working area for that }

Saw Use and General Setup

  • Saw Specifications
    • 13.5" cutting capacity / throat
    • Maximum cutting Height: 6"
    • Blade Size: 93.5"
    • Blade Width
      • Minimum 1/8"
      • Maximum 3/4"

Saw Setup and Use

  • Tension the blade.
  • Set blade guard to desired height. Always cut with the guard in place to protect yourself.
  • Turn on dust collection and open the blast gate for the saw
  • When ready turn the saw on and begin your work
  • Clean off saw once completed, brush or vacuum off dust.
  • Turn off dust collection and close the blast gate
  • Detention the blade
    • This will ensure the band saw wheel tires do not flat spot or wear out the tension spring prematurely. You only need to do this once you are done using it for the day.

G0555LA35 14" Blade Sizes

The bandsaw has a general purpose blade on it for regular usage but if you need to swap it out for a different type of blade, wider, thinner, more or less teeth, please let the Point of Contact know so they can train you how to do it. Once finished with your blade re install the community use blade.

Blade types and where to buy

  • or locally at the store in Altamonte Springs
  • or locally at the store in Altamonte Springs
  • [1] Wood Slicer Resaw Blades

Special note on resewing - The saw is currently setup for 110v but is also rated for 220v. If we need to bump it up to 220 for resewing we can easily make it happen.

Project Ideas and Bandsaw Usage

  • Bandsaw Box
    • [2] Make Something - Everything You Need to Know About Bandsaw Boxes
    • [3] Nick Ferry - Wooden Scoops
    • [4] Kingston Lane Workshop - Bandsaw Reindeer
  • Resawing wood
    • [5] Wood Magazine - How to Resaw Lumber