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REMEMBER To Reserve Time!

Various tools such as the lasers (Epilog or Audrey), 3D Printers, and Forest CNC need to be reserved before using the tool. Review the Slack channel for the tool to reserve time.

  • All 3D Printers (channel: mfx-3d-printing)
  • Laser Epilog (channel: mfx-laser-epilog)
  • Laser Audrey (channel: mfx-laser-audrey)
  • Forest CNC (channel: mfx-cnc)

Epilog Legend 36EXT / 50 Watt

Audrey 100 Watt (COMING SOON!!

Laser Audrey.jpg
  • 50 watt CO2 laser
  • 36" wide X 24" deep
  • Rotary tool available
  • Software: Illustrator
  • 100 watt CO2 laser
  • 48" wide X 36" deep
  • No rotary tool
  • Software: LightBurn

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