Maker FX X-Carve 1000mm CNC Router Instructions

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Open VCarve

  • Open Model (*.xxx)

Select Tool

  • Existing Tool: Select tool
  • New Tool:

1. Measure Tool

Save Toolpath

  • EMC2 Arcs(inch} (*.ngc)

Load Material

  • Use carpet tape (or other 2x-sided tape)

Load Tool

  • Unscrew Spindle
  • Load Tool
  • Lock Spindle
  • Hand tighten
  • Spindle Tool tighten
  • Put spindle tool away


  • Turn Spindle Off
  • Apply Safety Glasses
  • Turn Machine On
  • Hold down |Shift| to run as Admin
  • Open Joy-To-Key
  • Open CNC USB Controller
  • File->Import GCode

Zero Tool

  • Jog Tool to your material origin
  • Z down almost to material
  • Using paper, step down until paper hard to move
  • ->Machine->Offset->Current XY
  • ->Machine->Offset->Current Z
  • ->Machine->Zero XY
  • ->Machine->Zero Z

Final Check

  • Apply Safety Glasses
  • Install Dust Collection
  • Turn Dust Collector On
  • Turn Spindle On
  • Press START
  • Monitor part w ESTOP & Pause
  • Override Feed Rate if going too slow

Go to The X-Carve_1000mm_CNC_Router

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