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New Member Orientation

  • Go to the MakerFX Membership Page, choose your membership level (Individual, Family or Booster) and subscribe.
  • Download, Sign & Return the member waiver - either bring the paper version when you get your key, or email to You will also need to bring a state or federal photo ID showing age and address of residence.
  • Click Slack Invitation to request a login for Slack.
    • Download Slack for your phone / computer / etc, and check out the list of channels. Note that the MFO prefix channels are for Maker Faire Orlando business - as a MakerFX member, you likely want to be in the MFX prefixed channels :)
    • Join the mfx-member-intros channel. You can use this channel to quickly introduce yourself and to tell us a bit about you including what you make or what you would like to learn in the near term.
  • Click Register for a Wordpress account - this account will be used to reserve time on tools (Note, this is different than a wiki account)
    • You can't use the reservation system until your account is upgraded to Member status, currently done by messaging @jstutz, @andy, @jeff, @joe.gravelle or @ian on Slack.
    • After finishing your registration for wordpress, learn How to Reserve Time on Tools at MakerFX
  • Click here Wiki Account Request ( for a user account. Be sure to include a good e-mail address to send the temporary password to. (Note, this is different than a wordpress account)
    • After receiving your Wiki account info, setup your Wiki profile
  • Check out the MakerFX Calendar and use it to sign up for classes & events AND you will know when the space will be used for classes and events so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • MakerFX t-shirts are available in the display case near the front door. Please make a $10 donation for each t-shirt.

Getting Connected

The BEST way to get (and stay) connected with the MakerFX community, setup your MakerEffect Slack workspace account ASAP.

  • Click here to get your MakerEffect Slack workspace invite
  • While you can use the Slack web page, we strongly recommend the Slack mobile app or desktop app.
  • Make sure you find the list of channels - we have dozens of channels, but you will only see a few by default. When you find the full list, the "mfx-" prefix channels are for MakerFX. The "mfo-" channels are for Maker Faire Orlando, and the "tmef-" channels are for the foundation. For right now, please stick with the "mfx-" channels.
  • The BEST way to learn a specific tool is to join the channel for that tool (such as mfx-laser or mfx-woodworking) and to start following the conversation. You can also ask for help in that channel, and you can also message one of our help groups such as @laserhelp, @3dprintinghelp, @woodshophelp, etc.

Facility Tour

  • Issuance of RFID key
    • Show how to use key
  • Show lights and how to turn off or reset for additional time
  • Show back doors and explain procedure to ALWAYS check the back doors are closed and locked if you are the last one out - even if you didn't use the doors.
  • Show the dumpsters and explain trash management
  • Show the refrigerator and explain the honor system for drinks
  • Show the shop tools that require training
    • SawStop, CNC Router, Planer, Lathe, etc.
  • Show location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
  • Show the location of the member wifi password
  • Explain contributing to MakerFX by buying supplies through Amazon Smile
  • Reiterate how to get connected and get started
    • Slack + Channels
    • MakerFX Calendar
    • Wordpress account for tool reservations
    • Wiki & Wiki account for editing

Optional Stuff to Get Started