Prazi SD300 Mini Lathe

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Location: MetalWorking Zone

Point Of Contact @joe.gravelle on Slack or by e-mail at
Prazi SD300 Mini Lathe Stock Photo

MakerFX was given a Prazi SD300 Mini Lathe by the fine people of the FamiLAB machine shop.Its a good mini lathe, made in East Germany (when it existed), it just needs some love and parts to become fully operational again. A lathe is used for turning material about its central axis and removing material with some form of hardened steel or carbide cutting tool. Its use can be for custom brackets, bearings, knobs, fittings, etc.

General Policies for the Prazi SD300 Mini Lathe

  • Membership Form must be filled out
  • Member must be cleared on all safety and machine operation
  • Bring your own tooling and materials

  • Information

    Current Machine State is out of commission. Currently waiting for parts to replace the chuck and other small misc items. Powerfeed is inoperable as well, will require a DIY solution.

    Lathe Safety

  • if you are unsure of how to use the machine, do not use it please
  • Tie back long hair, roll up long sleeves, remove any bracelets or jewelry from wrists and neck
  • Wear Safety Glasses At All Times, this is not a suggestion, it is law
  • Never leave the chuck key in the chuck when finished with the machine. It will throw it and hurt you
  • Ensure your stock to be turned is properly mounted in the chuck and secure
  • Items Needed to Refurb the Lathe

  • New Chuck, considering 4"
  • Tail stock and drill chuck
  • 1MT reamer to clean tail stock bore
  • Quick change tool holder
  • home-brew power feed solution or source oem parts to fix the power feed

  • Tooling and Consumables

    Members are responsible to provide their own tooling and consumables. There may be community use tooling if available and scraps to use if available. Please standby for more specifics on exact tooling needed to use the lathe.

    Helpful Tutorials / Resources