Forest CNC Shutdown

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  • There are two steps to powering off the CNC - laptop and controller. Please carefully follow the steps below.
  • Please use the various dust collection systems and cleanup the CNC before walking away.



1. Park Gantry

  • Confirm you are on the main menu
  • Click SHUTDOWN (F10)
  • Click PARK (F1)
  • The machine will automatically move the gantry to the machine home position.
CNC F10 Shutdown.png
CNC F1 Park.png

2. Power Off Laptop

  • Make sure that you have parked the CNC using the steps above
  • Click POWER OFF (F2)
  • This initiates a shutdown of Windows and the laptop will shutdown
CNC F2 Power Off.png

3. Power Off CNC Controller

  • Press the RED button on the silver CNC controller mounted to the frame
CNC Controller Power Off.png

4. Disconnect Spindle Power

  • Disconnect power to the spindle and activated the padlock on the breaker box


  • Please make sure you have used dust collection methods to cleanup on, around and under the CNC