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Becoming a Member

  1. Go to the MakerFX Membership Page, choose your membership level (Individual, Family or Booster) and subscribe.
    • Download, Sign & Return the member waiver
    • Either bring the paper version when you get your key, or email to
    • You will also need to bring a state or federal photo ID showing age and address of residence.
  2. Request a login to Slack from your orientation guide
    • Download Slack for your phone / computer / etc, and check out the list of channels
    • MakerFX channels are prefixed with mfx-
    • Maker Faire Orlando channels are prefixed with mfo-
    • Join the mfx-member-intros channel. You can use this channel to quickly introduce yourself and to tell us a bit about you including what you make or what you would like to learn in the near term.
    • Individuals under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Getting Connected - Slack

The BEST way to get (and stay) connected with the MakerFX community, setup your MakerEffect Slack workspace account ASAP.

  1. While you can use the Slack web page, we strongly recommend the Slack mobile app or desktop app.
  2. Make sure you find the list of channels - we have dozens of channels, but you will only see a few by default.
  3. When you find the full list...
    • "mfx-" prefix channels are for MakerFX
    • "mfo-" channels are for Maker Faire Orlando
    • "tmef-" channels are for the foundation
    • Recommend starting with "mfx-" channels
  4. The BEST way to learn a specific tool is to join the channel for that tool and start following the conversation. You can also ask for help in that channel, and you can also message one of our help groups such as @laserhelp, @3dprintinghelp, @woodshophelp, etc.
    • mfx-laser-epilog or @laserhelp
    • mfx-3d-printing or @3dprintinghelp
    • mfx-woodworking or @woodshophelp
    • mfx-general if you are not clear where to start
  5. The MakerFX Monthly Meeting is held the last Wed of the month starting at 7pm. This is another GREAT way to get and stay connected. Attend this meeting and make a new connection with other MakerFX members.

Bringing Guests

  1. You are welcome to bring guests to MakerFX, provided that you supervise their activity and that you remain at MakerFX with your guests
  2. If your guests will be working with you (supervised) at MakerFX, have them complete the guest waiver
    • either email to or leave a printed copy at MakerFX (there is typically a stack of these waivers and a clipboard that contains completed waivers in the lobby
  3. If you are hosting a group of people and plan to utilize a room, please schedule this event by posting in the #mfx-classes-workshops channel on Slack.
    • Please note that private events with an expectation of privacy are strongly discouraged
  4. If you are hosting a group of people and plan to utilize tools, please ensure that you make reservations for the tools

Supporting MakerFX

  1. Your monthly membership helps MakerFX exist and provides you 24×7 access to awesome tools and resources. There are other ways you can support the makerspace.
  2. Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support The Maker Effect Foundation every time you shop, at no cost to you
    • Click here to learn how to enable your Amazon account to support MakerFX
  3. Your company may support corporate match and donations for volunteer hours. Below are the companies that are known to have these programs.
    • Disney: Ears to You
    • Universal
    • Apple
    • Microsoft
    • Salesforce

Facility Orientation

  1. An authorized MakerFX member will create an RFID key fob for you
    • We have 5 doors in total at MakerFX - Suite 158 front door and a total of 4 back doors
    • The key fob only works on the front door
    • The back doors are manually unlocked and locked
  2. We have two bays that provide space for MakerFX
    • Suite 158 - 100% MakerFX - "Shop A"
    • Suite 157 - 50% MakerFX and 50% The Maker Effect Foundation - "Shop B"
  3. Suite 158 has automatic lights while Suite 157 has manual light switches
    • Suite 158 light control panel is near the front door
  4. Help us conserve energy and costs by setting the lights to 15 minutes when you are the last person to leave.
  5. Both Shop A and Shop B have two doors we call the "back doors"
    • Your orientation member will explain procedure to open and close securely
    • ALWAYS check the back doors for BOTH SHOP A and SHOP B to confirm they are closed and locked if you are the last one out - even if you didn't use the doors.
  6. We rely on members to take out the trash and keep the space clean
    • We do not have a cleaning service
    • Replacement trash bags - are located in both restrooms
    • Shop A has a blue rolling bin that can be used for trash. At a minimum get trash here if you don't have time for a run to the dumpster.
    • City dumpsters are located out back - look for the yellow covers
  7. Both Shop A and Shop B have one or more fire extinguishers and first aid kits
    • Shop A - fire extinguisher near the back door and door to the shop
    • Shop B - fire extinguisher near the back door
  8. A refrigerator is located in Shop B near the restroom
    • Any unlabeled drinks are available for members with a $1 donation
  9. The following shop tools require separate training / orientation before use. Make a request for training / orientation in the appropriate channel.
    • Epilog Laser (channel: mfx-laser-epilog)
    • Laser Audrey (channel: mfx-laser-audrey)
      • Audrey is the blue laser in Shop B
    • SawStop Table Saw (channel: mfx-woodworking)
    • Planer or Jointer (channel: mfx-woodworking)
    • Forest CNC Router (channel: mfx-cnc)
    • Wood Lathe (channel: mfx-woodworking)
    • All metalworking equipment (channel: mfx-metalworking)
  10. Show the location of the member wifi password near the entrance to Shop A
  11. Explain contributing to MakerFX by buying supplies through Amazon Smile
  12. Reiterate how to get connected and get started
    • Slack + Channels
    • Wiki & Wiki account for editing

Optional Stuff to Get Started

  1. MakerFX t-shirts are available in the display case near the front door. Please make a $10 donation for each t-shirt.
  2. Laser Jumpstart
  3. CNC Jumpstart
  4. Click here Wiki Account Request ( for a user account. Be sure to include a good e-mail address to send the temporary password to.
    • After receiving your Wiki account info, setup your Wiki profile