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Attention New Members

New members should click here for New Member Orientation and Facility information


How do I become part of MakerFX?

Go to the MakerFX Website Membership Info page

About Us

Orlando's newest Makerspace is open in South Orlando! We are located at 8600 Commodity Cir #158, Orlando, FL 32819. Google Directions to MakerFX.

MakerFX Makerspace is a program of The Maker Effect Foundation. The Maker Effect foundation also produces Maker Faire Orlando.

This wiki is a knowledge base for the resources and tools a MakerFX. MakerFX members have 24 hour 7 days per week access to an amazing and growing list of resources and tools.

This wiki needs your help. If you can spend a little time documenting some part of what we do, we can help you get setup and able to edit. Every little bit helps! Pop into the #mfx-wiki channel on slack, or ask Ian, Jeff, Joe or Neil, to help you get an account.

Zones and Equipment


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3D Printing

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Wood Working

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Metal Working

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Screen Printing

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Click on one of the logos below to learn more about the key applications used by makers at MakerFX. The wiki pages for each application has details about how to obtain, install, learn and use these applications.


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Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Logo.png


LightBurn Logo.png

Autodesk Fusion 360

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Vectric VCarve Pro

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Simplify3D Logo.png


Embrilliance Logo.png
Our main tool for communication amoung members and our larger community Designing for laser cutting and engraving on the Epilog laser Designing for laser cutting and engraving on Audrey Designing for 3D printing, wood working, etc Designing and operating the CNC routers Getting a design ready for 3D printing Getting a design ready for actual embroidery

Social Media

We need your photos! Upload to Flickr then submit them to the MakerFX group!


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Project Ideas

Power Racing Series (PPPRS)

Projects and Exhibits

Things we've built for Maker Faire or other events that aren't documented elsewhere

  • Bullet Time Camera - A photo booth with 24 Raspberry Pi computers & cameras combine to create animated 360 images of people at events
  • Flaming Daisy - an 8? foot tall metal daisy made from recycled car parts that shoots flame. Fire Art is Awesome!
  • Wall of Text - A wall of LED signs that can display text (and hopefully images someday!) at events.
  • Pay Phone - An interactive pay phone for the MFX lobby

Maker Map of Central Florida

We've been wanting to make a physical map of all the makerspaces, maker orgs, parts stores, surplus stores, and more. Lets use the wiki to get started!

Wiki Meta

Proposed Structure for our wiki.

MakerFX Wiki Meta page - includes todo list

Getting started