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This page contains the online or on-demand version of the Vectric VCarve Training that is provided at MakerFX. It is not all inclusive. It is designed specifically to allow for basic knowledge and does not cover every tool and process in Vectric VCarve Pro. Vectric has a very strong support system online, it ranges from tutorials to selling designs and clip art. The best resource within MakerFX for learning more about the CNC Router is in the Slack Channel for the CNC Router,

These videos are aimed at specifically preparing the file that is used during the certification process to use the CNC Router.

Install and Authorize Vectric VCarve Makerspace Edition

TitleCard InstallVCarve.jpg

Video about installing VCarve Makerspace Edition Link to pinned post in Slack #mfx-cnc-router

Starting a New Project


follow along video for starting a new project with Vectric VCarve Pro