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This page online resource for the Vectric VCarve Pro Overview that is provided at MakerFX. It is not all inclusive. It is designed specifically to allow for basic knowledge and does not cover every tool and process in Vectric VCarve Pro. Vectric has a very strong support system online, it ranges from tutorials to selling designs and clip art. The best resource within MakerFX for learning more about the CNC Router is in the Slack Channel for the CNC Router,

This content is aimed at specifically preparing the file that is used during the certification process to use the CNC Router.

Drawing of Certification File

CNC Cert Drawing-B SIZE 23-03-04.jpg

Video Walk Through of Certification Training File- |

Quick Runthrough of Creating the VCarve Pro Design File

This video is a quick, approximately 17 minutes, recording of the steps needed to create the certification file. One does not need to do everything, it could simply be a circle for the certification test. The reason this file has more settings is to provide more opportunities to see what VCarve can do. More supplementary information will be created and released as time permits.

YouTube link is

Link to House Bits Database

The page Forest RMF CNC Router includes a link to download the Housebits Tool Database and a video explanation.

Link to Wiki page Link