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No ABS! Recommend PLA. Contact 3D Printing Point-of-Contact for assistance with PETG

Pre-Flight Instructions

Once these steps are completed, they do not need to be completed before each and every print in a given session. They only take a few minutes to complete and it will ensure you have a good experience with the printer.

Step Text Instructions Video Instructions
1 TODO: Setting nozzle height Setting nozzle height
2 TODO: Instructions if you need to unload filament Need volunteer!
3 TODO: Loading filament Setting nozzle height (9:17 to 9:54)

Creality Printers at MakerFX

The Creality printers DO NOT have Octoprint (yet).  Use Simplify3D on the 3D Printing PC to slice your object and manually copy to SD card.

CR-10 Mini

300mm x 220mm x 300mm
Heated Bed = Yes
Nozzle = 0.40


  • Hairspray
  • Tape
  • Purple Disappearing Glue Stick


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