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REMEMBER To Reserve Time!

Various tools such as the lasers (Epilog or Audrey), 3D Printers, and Forest CNC need to be reserved before using the tool. Review the Slack channel for the tool to reserve time.

Follow these steps to set the home position for your job. Think about how you have defined the job in VCarve Pro and set the home position to match that design.



1. Secure the material

  • Metal attachment is not to be used as it shorten the light of the spoil board, as well as being an unwelcome item when others are using the CNC system. Not every material canbe stapled directly. If you are using one of those materials, use a piece of wood to hold the material and then staple the wood down. Another option is to use the bench dog holes.
  • MakerFX has a Composite Stapler specifically for securing wood to the CNC spoil board. The use of screws or other metal methods is no longer allowed.
  • You may have to use CNC Controls and manually move the gantry to allow room to secure your material
Composite Stapler.jpg

2. Move Gantry To Job Home - Get Close

  • Use CNC controls to move the gantry to the desired home position
  • To travel quickly to the other end of the table, enable Rabbit mode by clicking the Turtle / Rabbit button until the light is OFF
  • Move gantry to approximate home position
CNC Jog Speed Fast.png

3. Move Gantry To Job Home - Fine Tune

  • Set Turtle mode
  • Fine tune position until you get to the desired home position for X and Y
  • Setting Z home can be done automatically and discussed below
CNC Jog Speed Slow.png

4. Set new Home coordinates

  • Click SETUP (F1) -> PART Mode (F1)
CNC F1 Setup.png
CNC F1 Part.png

Set X Position

  • Press SET (F10) to set the X Home value to the current position.
  • Click NEXT AXIS (F1) to advance to Y
CNC Set X.png

Set Y Position

  • Click SET (F10) to set the Y Home to the current position
  • Click NEXT AXIS (F1) to advance to Z
CNC Set Y.png

Set Z Position

  • Click SET (F10) to set the Z Home to the current position
  • Click NEXT AXIS (F1) to return to X
CNC Set Z.png

5. Confirm Job Home

  • Press ESCAPE a few times to return to the main menu
  • Select MDI (F3)
  • Enter x0y0z0.25 in the Block and press ENTER to accept the command and then CYCLE START
  • The CNC will move the bit to the job home position with the bit setting at 1/4" above the surface of the material
  • You can use x0y0z0 if you want the bit to touch the material
  • Using the CNC Controls, press Z+ to move the bit away from the material
CNC F3 MDI.png
CNC Confirm Home A.png



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