Grizzly G0755 Mill

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Grizzly G0755.jpg

The Model G0755 is a free-standing mill/drill that strikes a great balance between being heavy-duty and high-precision.

The spindle is equipped with precision P5 spindle bearings and is driven by an oil-bath-lubricated and gear-driven headstock. The spindle is fully reversible and features both coarse and fine downfeed controls. The six spindle speeds range from 90–1970 RPM and are controlled by convenient gear-change levers.

The headstock tilts 90° left/right and moves in the Z-axis along precision dovetailed ways—with both manual and powered elevation control. The table also features both manual and powered X-axis control, but with a manually-controlled Y-axis. All table movement is along scraped dovetail ways.

Grizzly G0755 specifications can be found here.

Gizzly G0755 owners manual can be found here.