How to Thread the Barudan BENT-ZQ-201U

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Rethreading the upper thread will be necessary if

  • If the color of your choice is not already threaded on one of the fifteen needles;
  • When the upper thread breaks;
  • If there is an unexplained problem with the stitching.

The process may seem daunting at first, but with practice it will become second nature. Take it slowly and be patient.


To completely rethread the Upper Thread, follow these steps:

1. Remove the felt pad covering the first thread guide

Position of the Felt Bar that prevents kicks and loops in the thread.

2. Bring the thread through the tube to the front of the machine.

Bring thread through the tube to the front of the machine.

If you are replacing a cone that is already on the Barudan, you can tie a knot connecting the new cone to the thread from the existing cone, then pull down GENTLY until the thread reaches the thread keep bar just over the needles and presser feet.

Be sure that the thread feeds freely from the cone through the tubes to the front of the machine, and is not wound around the spindle or under the cone.

3. Take the thread through the slotted post of the first tensioner.

Thread Pretensioner - closed view

You are placing the thread through the slot on the post that holds the two disks. Grasping a section of thread between your hands, place between the disks and pull forward until you feel the thread settle into the slot on the post. Then release the thread and continue.

4. Take the thread from the left of the Pretensioner to the right of the nylon UTSM tension wheel and wrap it one and one-half times clockwise around the wheel.

Nylon UTSM tension wheel

5. Take the thread down to the left side of both the top and bottom pegs.

Pegs between UTSM wheels and tensioner assembly.

6. Pull the thread to the right of the tensioner assembly and wrap it 1.5 times between the disks and over the take-up spring.

NOTE: to ensure proper threading, pull the thread down, and check that the take-up spring bounces up and down with the thread movement.
Tensioner Assembly and spring

7 . Thread through the top thread guide bar, then the next thread guide bar. For even-numbered needles, the thread passes through the top thread guide bar before going around the Thread Tensioner Assembly and then through the lower thread guide bar.

Metal Thread Guide Bars

You should now have completed the upper portion of the sewing head. Check to be sure that the thread has not become wrapped around the tension spring for another needle's thread.
Upper Thread Path Overview

8. Thread through the third guide.

9. Pass the thread to the right of the take-up lever, then through the next thread guide (with the purple eyelet) from front to back.

10. Thread the eyelet in the take-up lever from right to left.

11. Thread through the next guide.

12. Reach underneath the apron and push the thread keep pin forward, so the thread can go through the hole, then pass the thread through the last eyelet.

Thread Keep Pin

13. The final step is to put the thread in the last guide. This is easiest to do after the thread is through the needle.

  • There is a semicircle of metal above the needle that the thread needs to go behind. The opening is on the right and slightly behind. If you choose to thread this guide before passing the thread through the eye of the needle, be sure that the thread lies to the left of the screw when the eye of the needle is threaded.
  • Pull on the end of your tail to take up slack in the line and use tweezers to pull the thread around the right side of the guide.
  • Make sure that the thread has not twisted around the needle. (This is common.) The purpose of the final guide is to put the thread parallel to the front of the needle in a straight line.
  • Hint: It can be easier to thread the eye of the needle if you make a fresh cut in the thread at a very steep angle.
Threaded Needles

14. After all needles have been threaded, replace the felt pad to avoid kinks and loops in the thread.

Position of the Felt Bar that prevents kicks and loops in the thread.

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