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LightBurn Software

We use LightBurn software with the "Audrey" laser and the soon to be added "Boss 1630" laser.

We have a special discount code that is for *MakerFX Members for use with MakerFX lasers only*. If you have your own laser, you need to purchase a full copy. The code can currently be located by visiting the mfx-laser-audrey channel where it is in a pinned post or ask @laserhelp if you can't locate it.

If you're new to using Lightburn, a great beginners video can be found HERE.

Setup Screenshots for use with the MakerFX "Audrey" Laser

Lightburn 1.PNG


Lightburn 3.PNG

Lightburn 4.PNG

Lightburn 5.PNG

Lightburn 6.PNG

Lightburn 7.PNG