Prepare the Item You Wish to Embroider

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If your item will be laundered, pre-wash it.

When using woven fabrics, be sure to iron any wrinkles smooth before placing it into the hoop.

Be aware that if you are using a disappearing or water-soluble fabric marker or pencil to help you with placement, ironing over those marks may make them permanent, so iron before making any positioning marks.

Choose and apply the appropriate backing for your project.

Advice on stabilizers can be found in Section 4, pages 22-25 of the Barudan BENT Operation Guide.

Information is also available on the Internet:

Place your item in the appropriately-sized hoop for the project.

Guidance about where to place embroidered motifs on different types of items can be found in Section 4, pages 21-22 of the Barudan BENT Operation Guide.

You may find this Video Tutorial helpful: Beginner's How To Hoop Tutorial

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