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Below is a proposed structure for the wiki based on a review of other makerspace wiki's such as the Milwaukee Makerspace....

Key pages that can be organized in various ways on the main page.

faq - common questions ranging from membership to equipment to training classes. Basically anything that is frequently asked.

equipment - list of equipment and resources

spacedocumentation - tutorials and how to guides

projects - list of current, past, in-progress, and completed projects by members

glossary - helpful definitions to navigate the jargon in use at the space / by others

wishlist - equipment wish list or needed donations

members - simple page listing members with links to a personal page they can update

classes - index of the various classes offered at the makerspace with links to detailed class pages

historyofmfx - history of the MFX organization (ian: should we use the full name instead of abbreviating?)

spaceprojects - projects that need doing to benefit the space

brokenthings - needs fixing list

memberhandbook - new member checklist, Code of Conduct, anti-harrassment policy, etc