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There are two types of Electronic Wall Displays at MakerFX -

Alpha 7160C LED Sign (Red/Green/White)


P10 Multicolor Panel Display

The P10 is a standard RGB matrix display, constructed from 5 P10 32x32 panels (total of 5120 pixels or 15360 channels) run by a 5V TF-A6UW Wireless Display Controller.


 *To connect to the display wirelessly, the display broadcasts a network ID of TF-WIFI_A16E38 (It usually likes IP

The Multicolor Display can be programmed using one of the following programs:

PowerLED Software *A tutorial is on Youtube

From the app you can:

  • Adjust brightness
  • Turn on/off (and program timing of on/off)
  • Change Wifi DON'T CHANGE WIFI
  • Change speed, font and color
  • Add pictures/gifs
  • Add a clock, temperature, or countdown