Sawstop 10 inch Professional Cabinet Saw

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Location: Wood Zone

SawStop PCS
Point Of Contact @joe.gravelle on Slack

General Policies for the SawStop PCS

If you do not know how to use a table saw please request training, especially with this saw and its special technology. Before using the SawStop you will need to be cleared on its setup and use by Joe

No cutting of conductive materials such as aluminum, wet wood, pressure treated, or otherwise known conductive materials. Cutting these types of materials will trigger the blade brake and destroy the blade.

If you trip the brake on the saw, accidentally( flesh to blade contact or the material tripping the brake), please alert the zone POC and you'll probably wish you had put on your brown pants. You are also responsible for replacing at least the blade if the brake was proven to be tripped by flesh contact, a $50 blade is cheaper than losing a hand. SawStop will replace the brake free of charge if its sent to them after an incident and they find it was tripped by flesh contact.

General Disclaimer

SawStop's Flesh Detection technology cannot prevent kickback or all injuries. If you are unsure of what you are about to do, stop and ask for assistance.

Saw Use and Startup Procedures

After being cleared on the saw but needing a reminder please reference the below list on how to setup to cut on the table saw

  • Plug the saw in to power
  • Verify the dust collection is hooked up to the saw, it may have been disconnected and put away.
  • Ensure the table is clear of any materials and the blade guard is in place
  • Turn the power switch to on and allow the saw to do its self check. Reference the side of the switch box for the light blink codes. If the saw will not power on, do not force it to work. Message the POC
  • Once the saw is ready the green light will illuminate and the saw is ready for operation

Shutdown Procedures

After every use please:

  • Clean any sawdust from the saw
  • Lower the blade
  • Place any tools back to their homes, and turn the saw off
  • Unplug from the wall and store the cord away

  • Blade guard is reinstalled if a riving knife was swapped out
  • Fence is parked on the black table surface

Equipment Features

  • Flesh Detecting Technology - [1]
  • Mobile Base
  • 36" T-Glide Fence
  • Overarm Dust Collection
  • Dust Collector Blade Guard

Current Collection of Jigs or Special Tools

  • Crosscut Sled
  • Jointing Sled
  • Push Stick
  • MicroJig GRR-Ripper push block [2]
  • Dado Blade and Dado Blade table insert needed (Dado style must not have anti kickback blade design)

Useful References

  • The Accurate Tale Saw by Ian J. Kirby [3]
  • 7 Things To Get You Started Using The Table Saw - Wood Working for Mere Mortals [4]
  • 6 Common things you may be doing wrong with your table saw - Wood Working for Mere Mortals [5]


Regular maintenance of the saw is required and will be carried out by the area contact.

Common Setup Tips: For those interested

  • Checking Blade to Miter Slot Parallelism [6]
  • Fence to Blade / Miter Slot Parallelism [7]