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General Policies

  • Don't place anything wet such as cold drinks or sweaty hands on cast iron surfaces. This causes them to rust.
  • No Metal Cutting, this is non negotiable Do not cut any metal, especially ferrous metal in the woodshop with the WOOD Specific tools and blades. Keep the metal working to the metal working section please. Metal chips / shavings will ruin others wood working projects.

Wood Zone


SawStop Professional Table Saw

Grizzly Bandsaw

Bosch Axial Glide Mitre Saw

DeWalt Thickness Planer

Grizzly G0555LA35.jpg
Dewalt DW735X.jpg

Rigid Belt / Spindle Sander

Delta Drill Press

DeWALT 715 Chopsaw

Delta 6" Jointer

Ridgid-spindle-sanders-eb4424-64 1000.jpg
Delta 11-990 Drill Press.jpg
Dewalt DW715.jpg
Delta 52-866X Jointer.jpg

Laguna C-Flux Dust Collector

Fein Dust Extractor

Oneida Dust Deputy

Delta Dust Collector

Laguna C-Flux Dust Collector.jpg
Fein Turbo I Shop Vac.jpg
Dust Deputy.jpg
Delta AP 400 Dust Collector.jpg



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