Fein Turbo I Dust Extractor

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Location: Wood Zone

Fein Dust Extractor

This powerful vacuum is very effective at dust collection when attached to power woodworking tools.  This unit can also be used wet or dry for general clean up. Autostart outlet with power-on delay to prevent current spikes. This should be used in conjunction with the Oneida Dust Deputy

Policies for the Fein Dust Extractor


Switching on and off with a power tool connected: Switch the vacuum cleaner off before connecting a power tool to the vacuum cleaner’s socket outlet. Make sure that the power tool is switched off when inserting its plug into the vacuum cleaner’s socket outlet. The vacuum cleaner is automatically switched on and off via the power tool connected to the integrated socket outlet. Plug the mains plug of the power tool into the integrated socket outlet. Set the on/off switch of the VAC to the mains plug symbol. Switch the power tool on/off – the vacuum cleaner automatically starts/stops. After switching off a power tool connected to the vacuum cleaner’s socket outlet, the vacuum cleaner will run on for approx. 15 seconds and then automatically switch off.




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