Oneida Dust Deputy

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Oneida Dust Deputy

The Dust Deputy is an extremely efficient, US-made, cyclonic pre-separator for any make, size, or model wet/dry vacuum. It's design uses centrifugal force to literally spin dust and debris out of the air-stream, trapping it in a container below; NOT in your vacuum! The Dust Deputy will separate out over 99.7% of nearly any type of dust and debris, with less than 1% making it into the vacuum – significantly extending the life of your vacuum.

This is to be used with the Fein Turbo I Dust Extractor. To hook it up use the short hose to connect the top port of the Dust Deputy to the inlet of the Fein Dust Extractor. Use the long hose to connect the side port of the dust deputy to the Vac pickup of the tool.

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