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REMEMBER To Reserve Time!

Various tools such as the lasers (Epilog or Audrey), 3D Printers, and Forest CNC need to be reserved before using the tool. Review the Slack channel for the tool to reserve time.



This machine can be dangerous if used improperly resulting in serious bodily injury or damage to the machine. Minors are prohibited from using the Forest CNC without the supervision of a trained and certified MakerFX member. The use of the Forest CNC machine at MakerFX is limited to only those individuals who:

  1. Have attended a training class or have watched it online.
  2. Been certified to use the machine
  3. Take the necessary safety precautions such as wearing close toed shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection and no loose fitting clothing.

Training and Certification Overview

Before use, each person must be certified and approved for use. The process for becoming certified is separate from the training. If one is already familiar with using VCarve to convert designs into tool paths, the training is not required. The training can be taken in person or as on demand online modules. The training is designed to give you enough knowledge to create a simple design to be used during the certification process. If you do not take the class, you will find the information to create the certification file on the training and certification page. There is much more to know about using the CNC router and designing files than is covered in the MakerFX training. On the training page you will find links to additional resources.

First Steps - Designing


  • MakerFX provides a basic selection of Bits and End Mills. It is recommended to purchase and use your own tooling. This allows you to select the exact tools to meet your needs.
  • Certification is the process where a user is observed using the CNC Router to verify that they will not damage themselves, others, or the machinery. The process is designed for the student to show that preparation, clean up, and operation are understood. It is possible to be certified without taking the in person MakerFX training.
  • Training is basic instruction for creating a simple file, loading files, preparing the machine for use, and proper operation including cleanup.
  • For additional information on using the Vectric VCarve Software, please see the Vectric Website

Installing the Software

VCarve Basics

Vectric Tutorials

Project Ideas

Importing Designs

Intermediate VCarve Pro

Advanced VCarve Pro

Preparing for Machining - Toolpathing

Feeds & Speeds

Router Bits (aka Endmills)

Note: CNC Users must purchase and use their own tooling


Individual Bits - Square End

Individual Bits - V-bits

Operating the CNC Router - Machining

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